Spring Project

The dance

The first shot inspired this series. Not only does the flower in the foreground remind me of a flouncy, fringed dress, but to me, it looks as if couples in bright, festive attire are dancing in the background.


The green crinkled leaves all in a row remind me of skirts with crisp pleats, coming out from behind the curtain to swirl on stage.


And in the last, I see partners dancing… on several levels. Pairs of new green leaves emerging cheek to cheek, two twigs entwined at the waist, a couple waving their hands in the air, like they just don’t care (hehehe!).


A Fairy’s Point of View

I took close to 250 shots over two days and edited fiercely. I was pleasantly surprised by a few shots that with a bit of manipulating, turned into something magical.



What else to call this… standing under cherry trees, looking up through the branches at a clear blue sky… so light and pretty. The sun dances through the blossoms, dew drips from pale petals. This is the essence of spring to me.